Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Starman Observatory Episode Two- The Men With The Staring Eyes


Prepare to hoist your gravity rod in the air, and set off for more adventures with Ted Knight, the original Starman, in a trio of all new tales.

Charlie Niemeyer, Jon M Wilson, and J David Weter open up Adventure Comics 64-66 to look at a horror-themed story of zombie-like soldiers, an undersea pirate adventure, and then a tale of a camera infused with voodoo magic.

Fists will fly, and evil will fall in the second episode of The Starman Observatory.
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  1. Hi guys. Another great episode. Here's my notes...

    So who did Hourman replace? Fake fur, also called fun fur or faux fur was first introduced in 1929 and has been commercially available since the 1950s. Charlie said what I was thinking that Ted Knight was really out-Clark Kenting Clark Kent. Two-Face first appears in Detective Comics #66 (August 1942) so the Starman issues came first. And don't forget that in the Golden Age Two Face was Harvey Kent. Sorry I couldn't find anything about Voodoo and cameras. Gotta go now...Deuces!! (Russell Bragg Clarksburg, WV)

  2. Such fun! My apologies for not yet recognising everyone's voices, but I must speak up for whoever was pulled up for saying 'All-Star Comics' instead of 'All-Star Squadron'. I went back and checked twice after thinking that wasn't the case, and that wasn't the case. So someone deserves a gravity rod up the ASS (oh look, now I'm doing rod gags!).

    What was the reference for your magical chanting?

    I rather loved that last story when I read it as a kid in that Super-Spectacular, the fact that the voodoo camera idea is so out there is what made the story for me - didn't movies such as Cat People and I Walked With a Zombie come out about then? I'd say the idea was wonderfully of the moment.

    I suppose Gardner Fox must have written the Earth 2 Legion of Super-Heroes ;)

    I've just given you a plug over at CBR - I just love Brian Cronin's columns:

  3. Great episodes. Love the show, but.....WHEN IS EPISODE THREE COMING???