Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Starman Observatory Episode Three- The Menace of the Invisible Raiders


We have returned with a trio of tales featuring the Man of Night, STARMAN!!

On the agenda- Adventure Comics 67-69.

In this round, Starman meets his arch nemesis, The Mist in an adventure beneath the Earth's surface. Beware the giant cannibal vampire bats, and Doris.

Then, Alfred Bester gives us a tale of Starman fighting forest fires, and a group headed by somebody who may be very close to Ted Knight.

And, finally, Starman steps up to stop a threat to the safety of the Gotham docks, and learns to develop an inner Admiral Ackbar.
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  1. Well that was pretty darn great, and yes, I am fan of Jon's Golden Age Superman podcast to be found at (and finally, I see what that address is, I thought you were saying 'lip synch'). I'd just heard the logging episode before reading the Starman story. It's like some cosmic puppeteer is pulling our strings ...

    And as I heard some blog plugs, may I mention my own, Too Dangerous For a Girl? I look at modern, mainstream, comics - lots of Superman and Supergirl. Thanks!

    (Shameless enough?)